The upgrade version of BP-3
to seal, code and cut preformed suppositories / ovules.


This model is the larger version of the BP-3. The BP-11 processes up to 6000 shells/h. Using its touch screen the setting will never be a problem (friendly user interface). It is possible to set parameters like pre-heating, heating temperature, heating time and more. It is the BP-10 complementary unit.


The sealing process is performed by heating impulse and the coding phase is processed by 2 different kind of systems (upon request) which are the embossing coding and the thermic one. The cutting phase is composed by 2 main operation: the trimming cut and the final cut. The trimming cut is processed by an horizontal blade which automatically cuts the shells’ top edge. Concerning the final cut, this phase is processed by a vertical blade and the operator can set the strip number (the min. strip is composed of 2 shells).

Technical Data

size 130 x 55 x 30 H. cm
net weight 40,00 Kg
containers filled Suppositories – Vaginal ovules
electric voltage 230 V - 50/60 Hz - single phase
electric absorption 480 W