Automatic and semi-automatic bench top capsule filling machines.
For powders with tamping and dosator system, pellets, tablets, mini-tablets, capsule in capsule and liquids .


The original - bench top -
capsule filler, fully automatic.

It has become rather popular all over the world among R&D laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. for trial research, batch productions, and in laboratories for full production utilization. Suitable to process powders, pellets, liquids or semi-dense products, tablets - mini tablets and capsule.

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Filling capsules has never been so easy.
1 base = filling + orienting.

The smallest solution: two units in one only basement with electrical parts in stainless box 100% at water tight. Ideal for hospitals, pharmacies, research laboratories and quality control departments where small production batches are required.

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Isn’t KAP-100 enough ? That’s the answer.
Capsule filling unit.

KAP-300 increases the production cycle of a KAP-100 by nearly 250%. The stainless steel box containing the electrical parts is complete of electromagnetic and vibrating system. It is fully disassemblable ,100% watertight and therefore completely washable in its internal parts.

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Capsule orienting in just 2 operations.
Capsule orienting unit.

The RK-15 capsule inserter is an orientator which processes 150 capsules per cycle (up to 300 capsules can be processed by repeating the operation). It’s been designed with an orienting system composed by single parts which are studied to avoid the capsule locking.

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