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Sealing / Banding machine - Laboratory mixer & planetary turbo emulsifier - Blistering / Deblistering machine - Bag / Sachet machine - Counting machine.

Sealing / banding machine

Our automatic capsule filling machine IN-CAP® equipped with liquid filling station can handle a wide range of materials such as oily-products, high viscosity paste and wax-type products which thanks to the jacketed hopper with stirrer, can handle melted products at temperature up to + 80°C which then solidify at ambient temperature. Capsules containing such products require to be sealed!
We developed capsules sealing machine BD-3000.
The machine consists of 4 sections:

  1. capsule’s orientation
  2. capsule’s sealing
  3. capsule’s drying
  4. capsule’s ejection

Technical Data

Output 3.000 capsules per hour
Capsules processed from size 00 to size 4
Voltage 230 V, single-phase, 50 Hz (450Watt)
Compressed air supply 8 bar
Overall dimensions 850 x 610 x 510 mm
Net weight 80 kg

Laboratory mixer & planetary turbo emulsifier

Laboratory mixer

It is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc. and it is multi-use, CE approved.
The unit can handle a cylindrical container in transparent polycarbonate (FDA and GMP approved) of max 10 liters or V container in 316L stainless steel of max 5 liters.
Other cylindrical containers of different capacity available (- 0.5 liters - 1.5 liters - 5.0 liters)

Planetary turbo emulsifier

Heated / vacuum emulsifiers of different capacities available for pharmaceutical & cosmetic preparations (up to 900 liters).

Technical Data

Fixed speed 36 rpm
Programmable mixing time 0 – 99,99 hours
Automatic inversion rotation sense each 4 minutes
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz single phase (150 Watt)
Machine dimensions 700 x 510 x 550 h mm
Net weight 45 kg

Blistering / Deblistering machine

Blistering machine

IN-PACK is the pneumatic semi automatic blistering machine, ideal for clinical trials, stability testing, pack development and low volume production for laboratory or chemist’s shop. The machine is thermoforming, sealing, coding and cutting blisters in PVC/ALU and ALU/ALU.

Technical Data

Max. forming depth 25mm for PVC/ALU
10mm for ALU/ALU
Blister sizes for PVC/ALU 136x100mm   100x68mm
Blister per cycle 2   1
Blister sizes for ALU/ALU 90x70mm
Blister per cycle 1
Temperature 20 - 190°C
Standard voltage 230 V - single-phase - 50 Hz
Power consumption 1 W
Compressed air 3-9 bar
Air comsumption 6L/cycle
Overalll dimensions 430 (w) x 530 ()l x 700 (h) mm
Net weight 90 kg
Forming materials ALU/ALU, PVC, PVC+PVDC, PET-G,
after customer's material testing
Covering material ALU, MEDICAL, PAPER, TIVEK, PET 12 PP70
Options coding, perforation, external cooling unit

Deblistering machine

The function of the new SIMPATY deblistering machine is to recover the products packed in blisters by separating them from the packs. The machine has been specially engineered for the pharmaceutical industry and it is employed to recover hard or smooth gelatine capsules, tablets, sugar coated tablets. It is supplied with the necessary equipment to handle blisters with max. 7 rows and max. 120 mm. wide.

Technical Data

Electrical voltage 230 V - single-phase - 50 Hz
Power consumption 0,5 W
Blister max width 120 mm
Blister max length 200 mm
Output 1.200 blisters per hour
Overalll dimensions 500 x 500 x 1.350h mm
Net weight 120 kg

Bag / sachet machine

Technical Data

Bag dimensions min 30x30 mm - max 80x100 mm (Special dimensions upon request)
Output from 1000 up to 4000 bags per hour according to machine’s application
Voltage 230 V, single-phase, 50/60 Hz (650Watt)
Air consumption at 0.8 bars 40/110 L/minute
Machine dimensions 1660 x 500 x 1150 mm
Net weight 105 kg

The SBP is an automatic machine for the packing of liquids, powders, granulates, creams and solid materials (capsules, tablets, etc.) in heat sealing single-dose bag. The machine can be used in pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, etc. The unit is equipped with a control panel (soft touch screen) incorporating a PLC controlling the various machine’s functions including: sealing temperature, safety devices, length of bags, motor’s speed, cutting, centered printing, etc.

Counting machine

The electronic counter machine KZ-1 has been designed to offer an ever-precise and reliable count of capsules, tableta and pearls of every size. It guarantees the utmost versatility in counting, it arranges of fixed speed for different sizes of the products to count and performing simple or multiple count from 1 to 999.999 pieces. The capacity is about 240-250 bottles per hour (by counting about 50 pcs.). It can be adapted to the different sizes of capsules, tablets and pearl through a simple manual adjustment and give the possibility to unload the counted products into a drawer or directly into bottles by a special device. A new technology counting device, based on system of programmable logic combined to the fiber optics, it assures great reliability and easy maintenance. It is made of high quality stainless steel material that guarantees a notable durability and good performances.

Technical Data

Power supply V220/230 single-phase
Frequency Hz 50/60
Distribution V24
Absorbation W 70
Overall dimensions 32 x 36 x 27h, cm
Net weight 18 kg

Other models available

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